13 Reasons Why Marriage is Worth it! (Benefits / Advantages)

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If your partner popped the question tomorrow, what would you say? To marry or not to marry…that is the question! Marriage seems to have lost its allure and luster over the past few years. More and more couples are turning to marriage-free partnerships, and while they have their reasons for this, I would like to dust the cobwebs off a few of the reasons why marriage is still so worth it! Perhaps it might shine a fresh light on the union of you and your partner, and your life may take a different course… 

Most people fear marriage because they aren’t sure they are ready, they want to keep their options open, and they fear divorce…. These are legitimate fears. If you feel that you will get married only to get divorced in the near future, it’s probably time to examine your relationship anyway.

Some people just aren’t the marrying type, but if you hear of all the good things that a solid marriage can bring into your life, you might change your mind about the “type” of person you are and what you want out of your relationship. Below are several reasons why marriage is so worth it in this day and age. 

13 great reasons to get married:

1. The concept of being a team or “one unit” becomes a reality for both of you. 

When dating and cohabiting, you might see yourself and your partner as a team to some degree, but, in my opinion, you aren’t really. Other people looking on will not consider you a team, and that might become clearer when you spend time with other married couples…or when you are filling out dreaded forms that ask about your marital status. 

When a couple gets married, it really cements the bond… in love and life. It’s a connection that is hard to break and really drives home the “one unit” concept.

2. You’re more likely to work through the problems than just walk away. 

When cohabiting or dating someone, the risk of one or both parties walking away on a whim is far higher than if the couple is married. Unfortunately, we live in an age of instant gratification, which also translates to people giving in very easily when things don’t go their way, or their partner doesn’t act in a way that they deem fit. 

When a couple is married, vows are exchanged, and couples feel more responsible for making the relationship work than those who have never gone through the ceremony of actually promising such to each other.

3. It’s a sign of true commitment to both parties. 

When dating someone or merely cohabiting, there is a sense of commitment, yes. However, that commitment is never confirmed by either party. It leaves one or both parties always wondering if this is the one or if their partner is going to leave them if they mess up or do something wrong. When a couple gets married…it’s a sign of true commitment to be there for each other through thick and thin. It’s a safety net that can really add value to the relationship. 

4. Marriage provides a spiritual dimension to the relationship. 

Marriage is not just something that a couple does because it is the expected next step. It is a spiritual connection that requires the willingness to join their hearts, souls, and bodies. It’s a deeply spiritual bond and can bring an element of spiritual dimension to the relationship. If you want to connect with your partner on a deeper level, getting married will provide that opportunity. 

5. It provides security for any children involved in the relationship.

Children born into an unmarried relationship may start to feel insecure; especially when other children notice that their surnames don’t match the parents or that the parents are just cohabiting. Children are sensitive to the risk of the parents splitting up. When parents are married, there is still that risk, but the children feel more secure knowing that the parents were willing to take that step and commit to each other. 

6. It provides new depth to the relationship/union.

When a couple gets married, they truly become partners in everything. You get to know about your partner’s finances, their backgrounds, their family secrets, and all the little nuances that make that person a human. Before you get married, there is possibly a bit of holding back of information, which is no longer required when you legally become one unit.

7. Lower health care insurance premiums.

Health Insurance

It’s true that as a married family unit, your health care insurance premiums will be less. A family with husband, wife, and kids get better health care deals. That’s almost always true!

8. Opens up doors for better social networking.

If you are looking for friends who are stable, caring, and reliable, other married couples are a great starting point. Often, you aren’t going to be able to maintain a healthy friendship with stable married couples if you are still just dating people while you keep your options open. When you get married, you can spend time more comfortably with people in the same relationship situation as you – and it’s very rewarding. 

9. Peace of mind that you have lifelong companionship.

Ever wondered who is going to be there with you when you’re old and decrepit? If you never marry, you could find yourself a bit lonely in the twilight of your life. Having the peace of mind that you will have a special someone at your side right to the very end is actually very comforting. Getting married provides that particular level of security for you – you will have someone there with you until the end. 

10. Increases the chances of a healthy and fulfilling sex life. 

It turns out that couples who are married have better and more frequent sex than those who are just dating or cohabiting. Perhaps it’s the added happiness and security that ensures this. I guess you will never really know if this one is true until you get married (or choose not to).

11. Financial status may improve greatly when married. 

Hang on a minute…can your finances really improve because you are married? The simple answer is yes! When you get married, it stands to reason that you will combine your finances on some levels. This means that you will do your shopping together, enjoy more two-for-one deals and take advantage of working together to get the most out of your money. Those who are married, for instance, can usually afford to buy a house or make an investment that neither party would be able to afford to do alone. 

12. You get to start your own legitimate family traditions. 

Family Enjoying Meal Around Table At Home Together

Have you ever felt left out because you are always being included in other family traditions, but don’t have any of your own? Being married gives you free rein on being able to create your own family traditions, and the best thing is that you get to share them with others. Being married gives your new traditions a certain type of legitimacy. 

13. Say goodbye to the stresses of dating.

When you get married, you get to say goodbye to stressful and awkward dating situations. You have your person, and you are happy. Now you can relax and work on creating the type of life and love you have always dreamt of. 

All in all

See…being married is actually a great thing. Being married is a positive thing in the lives of those who have a special connection with a significant other. Make sure that you weigh up the pros and cons of marriage before you decide that it’s not for you. You never know – maybe marriage is for you.

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