15 Non-Obvious Benefits/Advantages of Working (Having a Job)

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We all know that the most obvious benefits of working are earning a salary and being able to pay the rent and the bills, but are there other benefits of working that aren’t quite so obvious? Recently, I have been thinking about people who are unemployed and how they might be negatively impacted, other than just financially. Today, we’ll take a look at just how beneficial it is to have a job nowadays.

When you have a job, you tend to overlook all the positive things brought into your life. Most people only tend to learn about the advantages of working when they become unemployed. Don’t wait that long to know that your job is good for you! If you want to delve into the not-so-obvious benefits of working, read on. 

15 not-so-obvious advantages and benefits of having a job:

1. Working helps you feel needed.

Getting up and going to work every day to do a job means that you are needed. The people you work with rely on you to carry out a function, and without you, their jobs would be a bit harder. Just knowing this will make you feel needed, which is something that most humans need to feel in order to be happy. 

2. Working keeps you current.

If you didn’t have a job, chances are that you wouldn’t be that up to date with what’s happening in the world. Going to work and mixing with other people provides you with a well-rounded view of the world. You get exposed to the latest news and current events, you hear differing opinions and viewpoints, and you get to interact with people. All of this keeps you current in this world.

3. Working provides you with a sense of importance.

As humans, we need to feel as if we are important and valued. If you have nothing happening in your life and no responsibilities, chances are that you aren’t going to feel very important. By working, you are needed, and by being needed, you can feel important. 

4. Working gives your personal life a break.

If you spent every waking minute with your partner, you would probably feel as if the relationship is going stale. By working, you are able to take a break from your personal life each day. When you get home at night, you have something to talk about, interesting news, and information to share. Just by working, you can keep your relationship interesting. 

5. Working provides you with a meaningful identity. 

Most people feel as if they don’t have a meaningful identity if they don’t have a reason to get up and do something each day. If you have a job and go to work every day, you have an assigned identity. You might be the head of a thriving sales team or the counselor of a school. Whatever that identity may be, it can actually help guide you and keep you feeling warranted all throughout the challenges of life. 

6. Working deters feelings of depression and boredom.

By working, you have somewhere to be and something to do every day of the week. People who find they have nothing to occupy their time often fall victim to boredom and depression. 

7. Working boosts mental health.

Some might say that just knowing you have a job can be great for your mental health. It provides the opportunity to mingle with peers, feel warranted in your life, and earn a living. If that’s not great for overall mental happiness, what is?!

8. Working contributes to happiness.

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If you spent all day home alone with nothing to do, just how happy would you be? On the other hand, if you get to go to work every day, connect with people around you, and have something important to do, how would you feel? There’s a good chance that you would actually feel happy. 

9. Working builds confidence and self-esteem.

Having a job puts you in direct contact with a variety of people. Instead of hiding out at home, you will have to learn to deal with peers, customers, and superiors. Dealing with so many different people can be a great boost to your confidence and self-esteem. 

10. Working keeps us busy/occupied.

If you weren’t working, what would you do? Without a job, you would have a lot of extra time on your hands. This extra time can lead to boredom, depression, or getting yourself into trouble. If you are working every day, you are busy and occupied, which means that boredom and depression are kept at bay, and there’s far less chance of getting yourself into trouble. 

11. Working grows your social network.

Most people don’t realize just how beneficial working is to their social network. If you weren’t working, where would you meet new people? A lot of people make their closest friends through work. You could strike up a friendship with an office colleague or even be introduced to someone outside of the work environment by someone you work with. Having a job certainly presents opportunities to grow your social network. 

12. Working gives you the joy of independence.

Being able to work means you earn your independence. When you are working, you no longer have to rely on anyone else to get by. Being able to support yourself is something that will bring great joy into your life. 

13. Working provides a sense of financial security.

Having a job to go to provides a sense of security. It’s not just about earning money now for your month-end bills, but also about knowing that your future is taken care of too. When you are working, you can contribute towards a retirement fund and plan properly for your future. Being able to do this provides a sense of security. Financial security and stability are important for overall life satisfaction. 

14. Working sparks motivation and drive within you. 

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Working is a great way to keep motivation and drive alive within you. When working, there are always goals to achieve and rewards to earn. If you are in a working situation, you can expect to feel motivated and driven on a consistent basis. 

15. Working broadens your horizons and expands your mind.

Without working, you might feel like your life is stagnating. You might even feel like your mind isn’t being stimulated, which can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. By working, you can have something to work towards. You can seek to consistently better and challenge yourself, which is great for your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

All in all

Working provides far more benefits than just earning a wage every month. If you want to truly benefit from working, try to secure a job that you are interested in. Working alongside people with similar passion and interests as you is a surefire way to take the abovementioned benefits up a notch!

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