Living with the In-Laws: 17 Real-Life Benefits / Advantages

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You know what they say, right? ”Never live with friends or family”. And for the most part, perhaps “they” are absolutely right. But, what if they’re also wrong? What if living with the in-laws brings about a wealth of benefits and joy in your life? What if it could be the very best thing you ever do? Before you can decide, it’s probably a good idea to better understand what those benefits and advantages could be.

As you’ll find out, living with the in-laws can be quite rewarding, not just for you, but for your entire family unit. In this article, we’ll take a look at the advantages and benefits of living with the in-laws. You never know, these benefits might be the perfect collection of reasons for you to spend some time living with the in-laws.

These are 17 ways in which living with the in-laws can be beneficial to you:

1. The kids get to know their grandparents.

This is a good reason…probably one of the best. Of course, you want your children to have the opportunity to know their grandparents and what better way to provide them with that than by living with them for a bit! 

2. Your finances get a break so you can get back on your feet.

Most people consider living with their in-laws when tough financial times strike. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to save some money and get back on your feet. How do you save money living with your in-laws? Household expenses such as rent, groceries, utilities, internet, and other services are shared, which could mean a massive saving for your family unit. 

3. You integrate with the local community more easily.

When you live with the in-laws, you might find yourself attending far more community events. Perhaps your partner’s parents belong to the local sports club, or maybe you hear about more of the markets and community gatherings to attend. By living with the in-laws who have been around for longer than you, you might find yourselves getting more actively involved in the community. 

4. It’s easier to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

If your in-laws are interested in a healthy lifestyle and support that idea, they will be on board with you, and you can work towards it together. You could make healthy meals together, go on long family walks together, and spend more time reading than being in front of a screen. It’s easier to get involved in a healthier lifestyle when you’re doing it as a group/team.

5. Your in-laws get the chance to get to know you better.

Chances are that even if you have been around for many years, your in-laws don’t know you particularly well. It’s hard to get to know the in-laws on your own, but if you are living together as a family, it gives them the perfect opportunity to get to know you better in your own comfortable space. 

6. You can teach each other new things.

Living with the in-laws leaves both you and the in-laws open to learning new things. Your in-laws may be able to teach you how to make your partner’s favorite childhood dish, and you could possibly teach them more about going green and living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. There’s always something that different generations can teach each other, and when living with the in-laws, the situation is primed for it. 

7. You get the chance to spend more time with family.

In these times, many would benefit from spending more time with family. Although the in-laws might not be your direct family, you can still benefit from more time spent together as a family unit. With family around, there is a guaranteed support system, and the more time you spend nurturing that, the better you can expect your life to be. 

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8. Household chores can be shared.

Cleaning up a household with kids can be an arduous task, but it’s not so tough when there are 4 adults working at it instead of 2. Even if you don’t have kids, household chores can mount up. With 2 sets of adults in the house, the effort required will certainly be a lot less. 

9. There is always a babysitter available at the last minute.

If you are a parent, finding a babysitter when you want to go out or have work commitments can be tough. It’s not tough to find a babysitter, even at the last minute, if you live with the in-laws. Chances are that they will jump at the opportunity to spend some time with the kids

10. Family socials are more convenient.

Whenever the family wants to get together, plans have to be made to gather at one member’s house, and the logistics can get a little overwhelming. When you live with the in-laws, you are always in the perfect place for a family social – no travel necessary. 

11. You can gain a bit more insight into who your partner is.

Your in-laws know a lot more about your partner than you do. Yes, you might know who they are now, but how did they become the person you know and love? Childhood memories shared with you by the in-laws can really provide more insight into who your partner is and what makes your partner have the personality traits, preferences, fears, and aspirations they have today.

12. There are always older and wiser people to draw advice from. 

Have you ever felt that you just need a bit of advice? Perhaps you don’t know how to handle a situation with the kids, or you have a relationship hiccup that you just don’t know how to deal with. Speaking to an older friend or family member can provide a bit of advice and guidance in times like this, and when you live with the in-laws, you have older and wiser people to talk to at all times. 

13. There’s always an adult to have a cup of tea and a chat with.

If you simply live with your partner and kids, chances are that there are times where you just want to enjoy some adult company and conversation. If you live the in-laws, there’s always the opportunity for a cup of tea and some adult chit-chat. 

14. A bit of the pressure is eased for you at the end of a hard day.

Long hard days are often ended off with chaotic evenings and tiring nights. What if you had a helping hand at the end of the day to make evenings run more smoothly? When you live with the in-laws, there’s always a helping hand readily available. 

15. Arguments with your partner can be resolved quicker with the help of the in-laws.

Sometimes having an extra ear and input in a discussion or argument can really be helpful in putting arguments to rest quicker. You could lean on your in-laws a bit to help your partner see reason or quell problems before they become bigger concerns. 

16. You get to learn a lot about yourself.

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When you live with other people, you quickly learn what you like, what you don’t like, how you want to spend your time, and what actually makes you tick. Living with the in-laws provides you with the perfect opportunity to actually learn these things about yourself. 

17. You spend less time socializing with friends and more time socializing with family.

Spending time with friends and acquaintances may be fun, but it may also put additional strain on your relationship and family unit. When you get out of the habit of being the life and soul of every party and start to realize the joy in socializing with your actual family, your life will become truly rewarding. 

All in all

Living with the in-laws, of course, comes with its challenges and frustrations, but make sure that you aren’t entirely dwelling on the negatives. Give the possible advantages some thought before you make a final decision. Perhaps living with the in-laws could actually be a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

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