Powerful Benefits of Greeting Others (Say “Hello” First!)

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How often do you say “hello” first? Are you the first person to greet others, or do you wait for other people to greet you? If you aren’t the first person to greet someone else, perhaps you should be! You might not know this, but there are several benefits and advantages to being the first one to say hello! What if simply saying “hello” could change the entire course of your life for the better? 

5 benefits and advantages of greeting others:

  1. It’s an ice-breaker/conversation starter. 
  2. Greeting someone is courteous.
  3. Greeting establishes a friendly environment.
  4. A greeting can establish or maintain a relationship. 
  5. Creates a good impression.

Something I had to consider is why more people don’t greet. With so many benefits, why wouldn’t people just do it? For starters, I think that a lot of people find themselves so caught up with the thoughts in their head, their smartphone, or the task they are busy with, that they totally overlook opportunities to greet others that they encounter along the way. 

How often do you stand in a shared elevator with strangers or enter a waiting room of people? Do you greet them? Do they greet you? Greeting others and trying to be the first to actually say hello is really vital to establishing good rapport with others. If you want to take a closer look at the benefits and advantages of greeting others, read on. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Greet Others

After pondering this for some time, I began to wonder if the benefits of greeting others are worth it. I wanted to know if it was really that worthwhile to say hi to someone you don’t know. And you know what? I think it is. Actually, a couple of my good friends are a product of a simple hello.

Also, when I am friendly and greet others, I feel like I end up having a good day. I feel good about myself, my spirits are lifted, and it is as if there is a world of opportunity out there. You just have to say “hello”. I believe the benefits and advantages of greeting others are reasons enough to start doing it. 

Below are 5 benefits and advantages of greeting others, explained in greater detail. 

1. Greeting someone is an ice-breaker/conversation starter. 

Have you ever sat in a room full of strangers and just not known what to say? Instead, you spend the time together with your head bent over your smartphone while scrolling through social media profiles. You can probably appreciate that this is an unproductive way to be. If you feel like you have nothing to say, perhaps just start with “hello”.

Besides, if you enter a waiting room of people and don’t greet anyone, there’s a certain awkwardness that hangs in the air. The waiting room might seem cold and uncaring, and you might even start to get irritated with waiting around. 

If you walk into a waiting room and greet those who are already waiting, you will immediately lift the atmosphere. Smile, be friendly, and greet. The next thing you know, the person next to you is more open to chatting with you, and the room feels warmer and more relaxed. 

2. Greeting someone is courteous.

How courteous do you look to other people when they encounter you? Do they think you are courteous and polite, or do they walk away thinking that you are withdrawn and unfriendly? There’s a fairly good chance that you want to come across as a kind, courteous and polite person when sharing space with other people – that’s just natural for most of us. Whether you are in a public space, at work, or simply commuting, just by saying hello, you can let others know that you are a caring and polite human. 

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Also, believe it or not, a simple, polite greeting could be the very thing that makes someone else’s day – just that small human connection can make a world of difference. It’s not just about showing other people that you are polite and courteous. In some instances, the simple act of being polite and kind to someone else can make you feel good about yourself. If you want to perk up your own mood, try greeting someone else! It just might work. 

3. Greeting establishes a friendly environment.

How do you make others feel when they enter a space that you are in? Do they feel like they have just encountered someone who is friendly and caring, or do they feel like they should be on edge and keep their distance? These are important questions to ask yourself if you are striving to be a friendly and approachable human. 

When you or someone else enters a new environment, there’s the chance that you might feel unwelcome or awkward. This doesn’t mean that you actually are. It’s just that we feel that way when we are out of our comfort zone or in an unfamiliar space. If you want to help yourself and others feel as if the environment is friendly and safe, try greeting others.

Greeting others makes people warm to you. It can make people relax and realize that there is nothing to be uncomfortable about. Who knew that a simple greeting could do so much!

4. A greeting can establish or maintain a relationship. 

Have you ever thought how something as simple as greeting someone can lead to great things? The best thing in your life could start with just “Hi, how are you?” If you give it some thought, you will realize that you cannot form new relationships if you never greet anyone.

A greeting is the starting point of many new relationships. A simple “hello” can turn a stranger into a possible friend. If you want to be open to meeting new people and striking up new friendships or relationships, be open to greeting people, and don’t be afraid to be the one to say hello first.

Much the same, greeting someone can help to maintain a relationship and keep it healthy. One of the first ways that someone can communicate that something is wrong in a friendship or relationship is to give the other person the silent treatment or cold shoulder. What do you do if you want to communicate that the relationship is friendly, open, and that people are welcome to chat with you? You greet the other person warmly; that’s what!

5. Creates a good impression.

What sort of impression are you giving people when they are in the same space or close proximity to you? Do people get the impression that you are kind, friendly, positive, and approachable, or do they feel that you are negative or cold? How you communicate with people the very first time they see you will leave a lasting impression – and you never really know which people you are going to encounter again and again in your life, do you?

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Creating a good first impression might not be the first thing on your mind, but maybe it should be. Every greeting opportunity you have gives you a chance to show respect for other people, and it shows you in a positive light. Greeting someone is not just about empty words. It is an acknowledgment of someone’s presence and shows that you notice them and are open to further communication if need be. 

Last Word

Greeting others can be a great way to position you fondly in the minds of others. When people think of you, you want them to think you are positive, friendly, and approachable. You might also want them to see that you respect others. You can deliver this very message about yourself by simply greeting others in a friendly manner.

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