15 Signs Your Neighbor Is Attracted to You (the Guy/Gal Next Door)

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If your neighbor is starting to act a little…unusual, perhaps it’s a sign that they have taken a liking to you. Maybe, just maybe, that age-old “girl next door” or “guy next door” fantasy is playing out in your very own life. Or perhaps you are reading it all wrong, and it’s got nothing to do with you at all. Today we’re going to take a close-up look at the tell-tale signs that the neighbor is, in fact, attracted to you. 

So, you have the sneaky suspicion that the neighbor is checking you out and wanting a bit more than neighborly friendship with you, but how can you be sure? Believe it or not, there are many ways to tell if someone wants you around more. Below is a look at several signs that kind of give it away that your neighbor is into you. 

Is your neighbor attracted to you? Look out for these 15 tell-tale signs:

1. The wanton stare. 

Don’t look confused! You know what that is. We have all given and received the wanton stare in our lives. It’s the kind of “come hither” look that you give someone when you really just can’t help but be attracted to them. If you have seen one of those stares cast your way by the neighbor, it’s a pretty good sign that they might want to get to know you. 

2. Offering to help with things…all the time. 

There’s helpful, and then there’s extra helpful. Which one of these categories does your neighbor fall into? Helping you grab a few bags of groceries if you have your arms full and groceries falling out of bags is one thing; varnishing your sundeck for you on a Saturday afternoon is another thing completely. Keep an eye on just how helpful your neighbor is with you. 

3. Dolling up to take the trash out. 

Does it seem as if your neighbor always looks perfectly dressed and groomed at all times when outside of the house, even when taking out the trash at the crack of dawn? This is a sign that they don’t want the neighbors to see anything but their best appearance. And if they’re casting glances in your home’s direction while prancing around outside, it’s a surefire sign that they are attracted to you. 

4. A lot more time is spent outside when you are outside.

Does your neighbor seem to magically appear and come over to say “hi” every time you are outside? Watch how often it happens. If it happens a lot, they are probably keeping an eye out for you and are probably attracted to you. 

5. Flirtatiousness.

If you notice that your neighbor is flirtatious with you when you talk, well, it’s a no-brainer. People don’t often flirt with people they aren’t attracted to. 

6. You notice dilated pupils when chatting.

Body language and communications experts will tell you that the natural body’s response to liking someone is to be fully engaged and want to see more of them…both of which result in dilated pupils. Next time your neighbor is talking to you, casually notice what their pupils look like. Everything you need to know could be hidden in their eyes. 

7. Fidgeting or looking awkward during interactions.

Being attracted to someone results in increased stress levels, and even though that’s a good type of stress, the body still reacts the same. A person’s heart rate might quicken, and their responses may become jerky or fidgety. They may generally appear to be anxious or nervous in your company. 

8. Asking your opinion on property-related issues and really valuing it.

When a neighbor is attracted to you, they probably find a common interest to relate to you with…in this instance, it is property! If your neighbor asks for your opinion on property-related matters and then takes your opinion and puts it to work… it’s a sign that they like you a little more than “just a neighbor”. 

9. Blushing.

If your neighbor is a little bit shy, prepare for the big blush to happen when you are interacting. Yup, this is a sure sign of attraction. Be careful though, you might just be the one blushing too!

10. Open body language.

When someone is attracted to another person, they don’t tend to protect themselves, and this can be seen in body language. Instead of folded arms, the person will remain open and probably gesture more. Instead of standing stiffly and avoiding eye contact, they will maintain eye contact and stand in a relaxed stance. 

11. A certain tone of voice.

Studies have shown that when someone takes an interest in another person, the pitch and tone of their voice change. You can hear this by listening to 2 people chat in a bar. Can you tell by the tone of their voices that they like each other? Probably. You will probably notice that they use a different tone of voice to speak to you than they speak to their surrounding friends. 

12. Invitations…and more invitations.

Does the neighbor invite you over for drinks, barbecues, dog playdates? If your neighbor is inviting you over a lot, it’s a sign of attraction. Of course, don’t read too much into this at first – they could just want to make friends, especially if new to the area. Make sure you take a full overview of the situation before assuming.

13. Show interest in things that interest you.

If you have taken an interest in bonsai gardening and then find that your neighbor becomes interested and wants to know more and more about your new hobby, it’s probably just a convenient reason to get to talk to you. That’s not to say that the interest taken is false, but if you find that the neighbor is trying to spend time with you to get to know about your new hobby, it could be a sign that they are attracted to you and not specifically the hobby. 

14. Reaction and body language of the close friends.

In most instances, close friends know almost everything, which means that if they find you attractive, the friends already know. Notice how the friends chat and react around them when you are interacting. Do they semi tease them? Are they very interested in seeing you and talking to you? It’s probably because they know that your neighbor (their friend) is attracted to you. 

15. Asking regularly for help.

If your neighbor asks for your help on a regular basis, it’s probably not just because there’s no one else to ask. Perhaps they ask for your advice on the placement of a garden bed or ask you over to advise on paint colors and interior decor. Be aware…this is probably their attraction to you at play!

Last word

If the neighbor’s behavior seems a little off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, it could just be that they are attracted to you. Don’t fret – being the object of your neighbor’s attraction is not the worst thing in the world, especially if you have an attractive neighbor. Maybe you should avoid it…but also, maybe you should see where it goes!

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