18 True Benefits/Advantages of Being Unemployed (Glass Half-Full…)

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If you’re staring a period of unemployment in the face and don’t know how you feel about it, perhaps now is the time to gather your thoughts. For many people, unemployment seems like a death sentence, but for others – the optimists and opportunists – it could be a time used for great things. To get your thinking into the right mindset, let’s look at some of the possible true benefits and advantages of being unemployed. 

Being unemployed doesn’t have to be a terrible thing, if you know how to wisely use your newfound free time. However, it must be said that this is based on unemployment for a time, not indefinitely. Long-term unemployment can have a negative emotional and psychological impact. That being said, if you want to take a look at several reasons why not working for some time can be good for you, read on. 

18 ways unemployment can be a positive thing:

1. You get time to study and spruce up on your professional skills. 

When you’re unemployed, you have around 8 hours extra a day to spend on whatever you want to do. One really good way to spend your time is to study. There are plenty of free online courses to choose from; and if you have a bit of money saved, it might be worthwhile to invest in a course that’s related to your career path.

2. There are no more excuses to skip on exercise – get fit and healthy.

We all use work as an excuse to miss out on exercise. We skip the gym, eat poorly, and snack all day because of the stress of the job. When you’re unemployed, you have time to focus on your fitness and health. That means working out every day and at least trying to eat right. 

3. You can let your hair down without worrying about work the next day.

You know those nights spent with friends where you have to pack it in early and head home because you’ve got an early start at work tomorrow? Well, when you’re unemployed, those are a thing of the past. Of course, you don’t want to get into a habit of doing this too often, but a few times won’t hurt.

4. You can start a blog or write a book (maybe even sell it on Amazon).

Many people have at least one book in them, and a great place to sell your writing work of art is on Amazon. You could make a little money on the side!

5. There’s plenty of opportunity to spend quality time with the people you care about. 

When you have a full-time job or a thriving career, there’s little time available to spend with your family, friends, and people you care about. Perhaps your job has had a negative impact on your relationships already. When you’re unemployed, you can make up for the lost time. 

6. You have enough time to find the perfect next job.

Often, we move from one job to the next out of necessity, not because we actually want that job. If you are unemployed for a while, you get the time required to hunt for your dream job. And you have a bit of time to wait for the perfect interview to come around. 

7. You have plenty of time to work on your resume.

When you find yourself unemployed, you have time to create the type of resume that grabs attention. You don’t have to slap something together just to apply for as many jobs as possible. Spruce up your resume and find a better job.

8. Sleeping in (just a little) can be the new norm for a while. 

When you have a job, there’s very little time to sleep in and relax. You have to be up every morning ready for the day. When you are unemployed, you can put those feelings of tiredness and exhaustion to bed (pun unintended) and sleep in a little. You deserve it.

9. There’s time to start checking items off your bucket list. 

If you have had a lengthy bucket list for a while and just no time to tick any of the items off because of a busy work schedule, perhaps now is the time to change that. When you’re unemployed, you have plenty of free time to work on your bucket list. 

10. You will be eager to eventually start your next job (job appreciation).

When you have had some time away from the working environment, you develop a newfound appreciation for work and all that comes with it. Your break from work could be just what your motivation and dedication need.

11. You can volunteer and do your bit for the universe or your community. 

Everyone goes through a stage of wanting to do their bit for the community or the environment. Not everyone finds enough time to volunteer at a local shelter or serve food in a soup kitchen. When you are unemployed, you can unleash some positiveness into the world by volunteering your time. 

12. There’s enough time to work yourself (me-time). 

Not many people can say that they have enough time in life to truly work on who they are. Perhaps you want to learn to meditate or work through those deep-seated issues you simply haven’t dealt with over the years. You might want to go on a cleanse or even attend a pilgrimage. Whatever you need to work on who you are, you can focus on it when you’re unemployed. 

13. You can look into becoming a freelancer or starting your own business. 

When you’re working for someone else, there is very little time to think and plan for your own ventures. If you have a bit of entrepreneurship inside of you, you might want to use the time you are unemployed to focus on starting your own business or venturing into a freelance business.

14. There’s enough time to work on hobbies and interests.

Have your hobbies taken a back seat while you focus on working day in and day out? If they have, you can spend a bit of your unemployed time working on your interests and hobbies. It won’t earn you money, but it will help develop and strengthen your own happiness. 

15. Travel is possible, if you have the money for it. 

If you have a little money saved, you could travel a bit. Local travel can be a lot more rewarding than you think. You might even find a whole new life and job somewhere else!

16. You get to read those books you have been “meaning to read”.

Most people have a few books on their wish list that they never get around to reading because they are just too busy. When you’re unemployed, you can stay up a bit later reading a few chapters of the books on your list. This could expand your mind and open you up to new ideas and thought patterns. 

17. There’s time to get all that home DIY done.

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, your home needs some work. A few light bulbs need to be changed, the garden needs to be neatened up, a few walls need a paint touch-up. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get done when there’s a lot of work on your plate. When you’re unemployed, you will have time to do a few of those things – or all of them. 

18. You can take a much-deserved professional rest/break.

The majority of the working world is exhausted from all the working and early morning commutes. There’s never really enough time to relax, rest and unwind when there’s a career or demanding job in your life. If you’re unemployed, you can truly take a break. 

Last word

Being unemployed isn’t all that bad, so if you find yourself in that situation, put your mindset right and get to work using your free time wisely. Don’t waste it because, hopefully, your unemployed stint will only last a short period of time.

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