18 Benefits/Advantages of Having an Older Sibling (Experience, Advice,…)

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You might think that having an older sibling is just the worst, but in reality, it can be the best thing in your life. Siblings aren’t spies or enemies or people to be avoided and feared. Instead, think of your sibling as someone who is cut from the same cloth as you; they are your tribe. If you manage to nurture a meaningful relationship, you can possibly find the best friendship of your entire life in the very person that has quite simply always been there. 

Having an older sibling can really go either way. If you see your sibling as the enemy and distance yourself, chances are that you could be cutting yourself off from a really great relationship. If you give it a chance and see it for all that it could be, you could spur on the best friendship of your life. The advantages of having an older sibling are many, so let’s take a look at several of them.

18 ways having an older sibling can be beneficial:

1. They will be there to keep you in “check”.

How will you know if you are being an idiot or coming across as the local loser if you don’t have an older sibling, who has already been through it all, there to tell you? Having an older sibling can keep you in check and make sure that you don’t make a fool of yourself. 

2. You get free lifts when you need them.

If you don’t have a car yet and public transport isn’t your idea of fun, having an older sibling can be rather convenient. They may just give you free lifts to a few places!

3. They know all the cool places to hang out.

Older siblings have already paved the way. They have been to your high school, visited all the cool local hangouts, and know how to fit in. Now you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself, as your older sibling will keep you in the know. 

4. Their success may lead to your success.

According to researchers working at the University of Essex, when an older sibling is highly successful, it is often the same case with the younger sibling.

5. They have been there and done that – learn from their mistakes.

If you didn’t have an older sibling to look up to, you would have to learn all of your mistakes for yourself. As a younger child, you can look to your sibling for support and guidance so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes as them.

6. Someone to have your back when you’re bullied. 

Being picked on by other kids? Give your older sibling a call and let them help you out. Just having someone older than you make an appearance to show you support should make a bully back off. Chances are that your sibling will feel protective of you too – which means someone will always have your back.

7. A quick and easy helping hand with school work.

Remember the classes your sibling attended and made notes on a few years ahead of you? Well, now is your chance to ask for them. You could save yourself a lot of effort.

8. They can pass down all their cool clothes to you.

Older siblings often have the coolest clothes that you just can’t afford, and your parents won’t buy. Just ask your sibling to pass down any unwanted clothes to you – problem solved!

9. You have a helping hand out of sticky situations.

Got yourself into trouble and don’t want to worry your parents about it? You will find that your older sibling makes for a great ally and may just bail you out.

10. They can teach you the ropes in getting your way.

Have you ever wondered how your older brother or sister just seemed to get what they wanted? Well, now they can help you with getting your way. Ask them for some lessons, or at least to step in and lend you a helping hand with the parents. 

11. Family dinners are way more fun with them.

Ever noticed how the mood is lifted when your older siblings pop in for a family dinner? Isn’t it nice to have all the attention off of you for a bit? When you have an older sibling, they can take the pressure off dinner with the family. 

12. You can cover for each other with the parents. 

Older siblings are rather protective of their younger siblings. If you mess up and don’t want the parents to know, good chances are that your older sibling will help you out. And then you can return the favor one day, if the opportunity ever presents itself. 

13. You have someone to give you fashion and style advice.

Have you ever wondered if you really look good in something but don’t trust your parents’ outdated advice or your friends’ potentially jealous advice? Ask your older sibling. They will most likely be honest with you. 

14. They are someone to go to for relationship advice. 

Have a boy or girl problem bothering but don’t know who to ask for advice? Ask your older sibling. They have been precisely where you are and will probably give you the most authentic advice available. 

15. They are lifetime friends, so you will never be lonely. 

If you ever feel lonely but have a sibling, you are missing out! Having a good relationship with your older sibling means that you will always have a friend available. Need someone to hang out with? Ask your older sibling. They tend to always be there and always will be there for the rest of your life. 

16. You have someone to ask those embarrassing questions.

Do you perhaps have a really personal or embarrassing question to ask but don’t really want to approach your parents or friends with it? Learn to confide in someone who is similar to you, but older and wiser. Your older sibling should be a wealth of information when it comes to topics of embarrassing nature. 

17. You have somewhere to go when you just don’t want to be at home.

Have you ever wanted to escape the house for the weekend but the parents just won’t let you overnight at friends? Ask to have a sleepover weekend at your older sibling’s house. Curfews and visiting rules don’t usually apply to siblings.

18. They will always get your sense of humor. 

The great thing about having an older sibling is that you probably learned a lot of your sense of humor from them. This means that your sense of humor should be quite similar and that you will always get each other’s jokes and comments. 

All in all

No one said that having a sibling would be the easiest thing in the world, but if you have an older sibling, chances are that you can reap some, if not all, of the above-mentioned benefits and advantages. Having an older sibling can actually be quite rewarding. If you are willing to put in the effort to nurture a relationship with your older sibling, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how beneficial it is to your overall wellbeing and happiness.

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