Living in Your Car: 16 Compelling Benefits and Advantages

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Have you ever given much thought to living in your car? There are times in life where interim accommodation is needed. Is it a viable option to rent accommodation, or should you just live in your car “in the meantime”? I have recently been giving this a lot of thought. What are the advantages and benefits of living in your car? We came up with at least 16 of them.

You probably didn’t think that there could be so many compelling reasons to live in your car, did you?! The reality is that most people have a misconception that car-dwelling is beneath them or uncomfortable. The actual reality is that it can save time and money, and if you’re prepared to make your vehicle a comfortable spot, then you’re in for a fun way of life from your very first day.

Before you take the plunge into car or van living, take the time to consider what can go right and what can go wrong. Today we are taking a look at many of the benefits of living in your car.

16 reasons living in your car can be beneficial to you:

1. You save money.

One of the biggest perks of living in your car is that you get to save money. The most obvious saving is on rent (or mortgage) each month, but there are more savings to expect. You probably won’t have to pay for your television and internet services. Also, there are no bills to expect for electricity or gas!

2. You’re always on the go.

Need to go somewhere straight after work? Most people need to stop off at home to change clothes and get ready first. When you live in your car, you’re always just a few moments from home. Being on the go means that you never miss a beat, are never late to a meet-up, and can get to where you need to be at a moment’s notice. 

3. You get to meet new people.

When living in your car, you’re outside of your home a lot more than you would ordinarily be. This means you are spending time in public places. You might go to the gym, head to the movies, spend time in a coffee shop – all of these things open you up to meeting new people

4. There’s a lot of time for soul searching.

When you live in your car, you spend more time alone with your own thoughts than you would otherwise. All that time spent sitting in your car can lead to in-depth soul searching, which can really be great for personal growth. 

5. You finally de-clutter your life.

Most of us spend a lot of time moaning about how cluttered our lives and homes are. De-cluttering is something that we don’t often get around too quickly. When you live in your car, de-cluttering is a must! You can’t take boxes and bags of trinkets into your car-living situation, so you’re forced to get rid of all that junk you have been carrying around with you – finally!

6. You end up working out at the gym!

People who live in their cars end up having gym memberships so that they can have a shower and use the toilet. While this might be initially strategic, it can also spur on a bit of motivation to get fit and healthy. Being at the gym at least twice a day might inspire you to get on the treadmill and work up a sweat or do the circuit for a few hours. It’s great to work off some energy, spend a bit of your time, and it’s all included in your shower and toilet (I mean gym) contract!

7. Peace and tranquility are yours.

Living in a house with other people, neighbors, and traffic from the road below can be quite noisy and chaotic. Many people dream of coming home to a place of peace and tranquility. When you live in your car, you can make that happen. Don’t like where you’re currently parked? Too noisy where you are? Move along. Take a drive to a serene spot or look for a place that doesn’t have hectic traffic all day. You can find a peaceful place to spend your time. Just be prepared to move along if you’re asked by the police to move. 

8. You’re forced to be more social.

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One of the good things about living in your car is that you quickly learn social skills because you are forced to be more social. You are forced to go out and spend time in public places because you probably won’t want to spend an unlimited amount of time just sitting in your car. You spend more time with friends in the evenings and over weekends and return to your car to sleep. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

9. Internet is free – if you know where to find it.

Paying for internet can be expensive. When you live in your car, you can find places to go for free internet. Friend’s houses, for instance, are a great option. Park outside and enjoy free Wi-Fi – with their prior permission, of course. Many curbside restaurants offer free internet, which is accessible to cars parked nearby. You might have to do a bit of investigative work to find free internet, but hey…at least you’re passing the time productively. 

10. You can make some extra money.

Living in your car can actually help you make money in several ways. For starters, if you have your own home, you can move into your car for certain peak travel periods and rent out your home to holidaymakers. You can also offer a delivery or taxi service so that in your spare time, you’re making money. 

11. You don’t have to work too hard. 

Living in your car means that there’s no rent to pay, and that also means that you don’t have to work particularly hard to pay the bills. Once you move into your car, you can relax a little. In fact, any money you do make can be saved effectively. Soon you will have a nest egg. 

12. Don’t like the neighbors? Drive on by!

One of the best things about living in your car is the freedom that it offers you. When you live in a brick-and-mortar home, you’re kind of stuck with the neighbors. You get to hear the traffic, live through the neighbors’ fights, put up with barking dogs all night – but it’s different when you live in your car. If you aren’t too keen on the neighbors, just start up your car and move on. It’s that simple!

13. No housework to do.

One of the most appreciated perks of living in your car is that of no housework to do. You don’t have to vacuum the carpets, wash a pile of dishes, mow the lawn, or similar. Everything is now done on a micro-scale, so you’re saving time and energy. Phew!

14. Travel a lot for work? No money wasted on home rentals!

If you spend a lot of time on the road for work, why waste money on renting an apartment or house? If you live in your car, you don’t have to pay for accommodation on trips, and you don’t have to worry about the responsibility of caring for a property “back home”. You’re always home when you live in your car. 

15. You can explore and travel to your heart’s content.

Many people don’t have the opportunity to travel and explore. They’re tied down by their lives, their possessions, and their properties. When you live in your car, you can travel anywhere you want to at a moment’s notice. Everything you need and care about is right with you, in your car. 

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16. Less time wasted. 

How much time would you spend lying on the couch watching television or aimlessly scrolling through social media posts if you were in an actual home? Lots of time! When you live in your car, you will most likely be exposed to more experiences and opportunities, so you might spend more time being purposeful and constructive. 

Last Word

Living in your car can be really beneficial to your lifestyle, but keep in mind that it is not for everyone. Unless you have a camper van, it’s also probably not something that you want to do for the long term. If you need interim accommodation and want to save money while living the fun life, living in your car could be the answer.

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