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iMany people have the misconception that living paycheck to paycheck is a difficult and negative thing, but this isn’t always the case. The reality is that living paycheck to paycheck isn’t all that bad. Many people live paycheck to paycheck and actually benefit from it. Let’s consider all the ways in which paycheck-to-paycheck living can actually be beneficial… and you might change your mind about the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. 

Living paycheck to paycheck: 12 benefits and advantages

1. You realize the value of money.

When living paycheck to paycheck, every single penny that you earn is dedicated to an expense or savings. There are no wads of spare money for a rainy day, and because of this, you start to truly realize the value of money and how important it is to your life. 

2. It’s a prime opportunity to start living more consciously.

When living paycheck to paycheck, money is tight. Because of this, you become more conscious of what you spend, what you spend it on, and of course, where and how you can save money. Learning to live more frugally and conscious of what you are spending is a valuable tool for now and in the future. 

3. You learn to stop wasting the money you earn on unnecessary expenses.

When you’re living with a comfortable budget and have excess money at the end of every month, you start to become complacent. You may end up paying for subscriptions you aren’t using, buy more expensive brands just because it doesn’t matter, and so on. When living paycheck to paycheck, you learn that this type of spending only gets you in trouble, and so you soon learn to be a bit more aware and careful with your spending. 

4. You start living in the now instead of always looking ahead to the future.

When you have excess money, you are consistently looking for ways to save it, invest it, and spend it wisely. In a way, living paycheck to paycheck frees you to live in the now. There’s no extra money to think of, and so the only way to live your life is in the now, enjoying every moment. 

5. For some, it’s easier to avoid getting into debt.

Having money sometimes spells more debt. Therefore having no spare money might actually spare you the problem of debt in the end. Unfortunately, having money often leads to debt. Because getting into debt requires you to prove that you actually have money to afford the debt. 

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you won’t be provided much in terms of credit and accounts, as proving affordability will be hard. Living a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle could spare you the major inconvenience of getting into too much debt. 

6. You start to become proactive and innovative in how you make money. 

It is usually people with a hunger for money that end up finding unique ways of making ends meet or making more money than they are from their regular job

When living paycheck to paycheck, it is often a necessity, not because you actually want to live such a lifestyle. When experiencing this type of financial situation, it is not uncommon to start thinking out of the box when it comes to boosting income. Many people get second jobs or even become entrepreneurs, starting their own businesses or becoming freelancers. You might even look into online jobs that could help just boost your income a little.

7. It’s a great opportunity to learn to budget and plan.

Let’s talk about budgeting…As it turns out, it is not something that all kids pick up in school, even if they are taught. As people grow older, they tend to handle their money somewhat haphazardly. Not everyone learns the fine art of financial planning and budgeting, but those who have to live paycheck to paycheck have to learn how to, quite early on in their working life. If you need to make it through the month on exactly one month’s salary, you will need to learn how to budget carefully.

8. You know precisely what you are spending your money on.

Believe it or not, millions of people out there have no clue what they are spending their money on each month. And they don’t make it their business to investigate it until they find themselves in a sticky financial position. Many people who have more than enough money sign themselves up to debit orders, subscriptions, and services that they forget about. These expenses simply automatically deduct money from their bank account and credit card, and because they aren’t concerned about money, it can go unnoticed for months. 

When you have to live paycheck to paycheck, you learn to watch where your money goes. You know what your monthly expenses are, and you generally know if you have a little bit leftover or not. Not many expenses can go unnoticed when living on a tight budget. 

9. You discover the joy of discounts, coupons, and shopping around.

Have coupons ever formed part of your shopping plan? People who live paycheck to paycheck have to be careful what they spend their money on, and every bit of savings helps. When thinking frugally, you may just learn that there is real savings value in using coupons, asking for discounts, and shopping around for specials and bargains. You will quickly be surprised at how much money you can save if you are willing to do this. 

10. Every month is a bit of an adventure – financially.

If you like living on the edge of your seat and not knowing what’s coming next, paycheck to paycheck living might be just what you thrive on. Some people thrive on the stress and adrenaline of not knowing what’s going to happen…even financially. It’s a type of freedom for some – or so they say. 

11. You learn to work harder to prove yourself and eventually earn more as a result.

Living paycheck to paycheck can inspire a newfound motivation and drive to work harder, prove yourself in the workplace, and thus be in a better position to ask for a raise or promotion. Many people find that living paycheck to paycheck is not necessarily a life-long thing. Instead, most people find themselves living this way for 1 to 2 years. Working harder and trying to progress in the workplace is a great way of getting out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle. 

12. You fit in with your peers.

As it turns out, it is more common to live paycheck to paycheck than to be in a comfortable financial position nowadays. The statistics show us that even those who are high-income earners often find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. You might find that being in the same boat as those around you makes you feel as if you belong…or as if you fit in with your peers. 

In short

Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t always a bad idea, is it? Who knew that living paycheck to paycheck could offer such perks and benefits? If you consider the above-mentioned pointers, you will soon see that living paycheck to paycheck can actually be quite rewarding. Of course, it isn’t for everyone, but it might just be for you.

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