Yoga Obsession: 12 Signs You Are Addicted to Yoga (Should You Worry?)

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We constantly hear that addiction is bad for us, but is a yoga addiction wrong too? Do you live, breathe, eat, and even dream yoga? If you can’t wait to get back to the yoga mat and can’t stop thinking about it, you might wonder if you have an addition and if it is something to worry about. Do not stress – yoga is good for you!

If you are worried that your yoga addiction is taking over your life, it is probably time to ascertain just how addicted you are and how worrisome your “symptoms” are. Below we take a look at 12 signs of yoga addiction and if you should be worried or not.

Yoga addiction can be an all-consuming lifestyle. Once the “bug has bitten”, you will probably never be able to turn your back on your yoga mat. The only thing you can do is ensure that you are moderating your addiction and using it to benefit your health and well-being.

These are 12 signs you might be addicted to yoga:

1. You willingly strike yoga poses on demand.

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Once you are living and practicing yoga, do not be surprised if you find yourself striking yoga poses every time that you have a spare moment. You will even find yourself willing to show off a few moves to your work colleagues in hopes of getting them on board too – that seems to be the norm with yoga enthusiasts. 

The great thing about this is that yoga is good to do any time of the day, anywhere – but you probably should not use it as a party trick at an event if you have been drinking. 

2. You say “om” more than “hello”.

If you are out and about socializing and being the life and soul of the party, you would undoubtedly be saying “hello” a lot in your life. With yoga, while you do meet other yoga enthusiasts, a lot of your time is spent in meditative contemplation on the mat. “Om” is chanted at least 3 times at the start and end of a session. 

3. A yoga mat lives permanently in your car.

How can you make sure that you never miss a last-minute yoga practice opportunity if you do not always have a yoga mat available, right? You never know when you are going to get a long lunch break or escape the office early, so keeping a mat in your car makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? 

This is a common trend with yoga enthusiasts, and if you have moved your yoga mat from the storage cupboard to the boot of your car, chances are that you are an addict that is always looking for an opportunity to feed your addiction. Because this is yoga we are talking about; there is nothing to worry about with this one.  

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4. Yoga pants are your main clothing item.

While it is perfectly acceptable for yoga enthusiasts to have a pair of yoga pants in every color and design, you should probably worry if it is all you have in your wardrobe. Keep on adding to your yoga pants collection, but do not forget to put on something a little more suitable when heading out for the evening or going in to work!

5. Yoga fills your internet browsing history.

Some would say that there are worse things to jam-pack your internet browsing history with! If you spend a lot of time browsing for yoga clothing, mats, and of course, different techniques and poses, there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure that you are not neglecting other areas of your life, such as deadlines at work or fetching the kids from school

A happy life is all about balance – in fact, you will learn that from yoga.

6. You never miss yoga practice.

If you are addicted to yoga, you are probably the first one to arrive at class and the last one to leave. And if you are unable to get to a class for some reason, you will probably make time to do your own workout at home. There is nothing unhealthy about regular yoga practice. In fact, daily exercise is good for you. 

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7. You always look out for a good yoga space.

Do you find yourself looking at new potential homes and even hotels for holidays with the “is there space for yoga practice” thought on your mind? Yup, you are hooked! That is okay – finding yoga-friendly spaces is a good way to ensure that your chosen environments cater to your lifestyle, so there is nothing to worry about here.

8. Yoga retreats are on your holiday bucket list.

Remember the days when your travel bucket list featured party destinations? Once you are addicted to yoga, you will probably find yourself naturally drawn to the peaceful tranquility of yoga retreats. Holidays are all about relaxing mind and body, and becoming more centered – and a yoga retreat certainly fits the bill, doesn’t it?

9. Your social media looks like a yoga advert.

Your social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, can tell the rest of the world what you are all about. If your social pages are covered in all things yoga, it is a sure sign that you are addicted. 

The more you share your passion for yoga with your social circles, the more chance there is of you having a positive and healthy influence on others, so keep it up – spread the word.

10. When you miss a yoga session, you feel unwell.

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Missing a few yoga sessions should not actually make you ill, but some enthusiasts do say that they do not feel as relaxed as usual when they skip a few sessions. And this results in tension, aches, and pains. The trick to always feeling great is to never miss a session. If this is how you think, then you are certainly addicted to yoga. And there is nothing wrong with a dose of daily exercise. 

If you have this sign of yoga addiction, there is nothing to worry about. Just keep moving, stretching, and dedicating time to practicing. 

11. You daydream about yoga.

If you find yourself daydreaming about stretching and meditating on your yoga mat when you should be working, doing errands, talking to your partner, or paying attention to the kids; you are addicted to yoga. 

Daydreaming about yoga is okay, but maybe you should schedule your daydreaming at convenient times so that you do not lose track of your other daily responsibilities. Just to put your mind at ease, though, daydreaming about yoga is absolutely normal.

12. You cancel pub nights for yoga sessions. 

Gone are the days where you spent Friday nights out drinking beer in the local pub? Nowadays, your Fridays are put to rest with a nice relaxing yoga session – and you are happy about that. Does this sound like you? 

If you have transitioned from a bar fly to a yoga mat dweller, do not worry, it is really good for you. Switching out the pint of beer for an hour on the yoga mat is good for your health, so there is nothing to worry about. Fewer hangovers will make you feel great too!

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Why Yoga Can Be Addictive

Yoga is a fun activity where you can get fit and meet like-minded people. What makes yoga addictive in the first place? It is not really yoga that you become addicted to. It is actually the benefits of yoga and how it makes you feel that you become addicted to. 

Yoga, therefore, might be addictive because it strengthens and relaxes joints, ligaments, and muscles. It leaves you feeling good and looking good too. It also increases flexibility, relieves stress, and helps to calm the mind. What’s not to love, right?

So, do you have a Yoga Addiction? 

Do you have the above symptoms of addiction to yoga? If you do, do not worry. There is nothing much you can do but revel in it. Of course, everything is good in moderation, and it is the same when it comes to yoga. So, find balance with your yoga schedule and your daily responsibilities, and you can live a healthy, happy, yoga-addicted lifestyle. Yoga can be great for your body, mind, and soul. 

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