15 Reasons Why You Should Have More Than One Child (Benefits…)

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If you already have one “little one”, and you’re toying with the idea of having another (or several more), you might find yourself going back and forth on the idea. Having another child is a major commitment, and it can be hard to decide whether it is a good idea or not. I personally believe having more than one child can be highly beneficial to your life, but that’s just me. 

In order to make up your mind, you need to consider all the pros and cons. This is about the pros of having more than one child. The following reasons are probably good enough reasons for most to have a second, third, and fourth child. If your fancy has been tickled and you’re leaning towards having another child, or if you’re ready to take the leap and expand your family, these several reasons to have more than one child will merely cement the deal!

15 reasons why you should have more than one child: 

1. It’s easier the second and third time around.

Yup, it’s true. The first child is a bit of a shock to the system, but once you have gone through it, it’s not quite so distressing. The second time around, you will be far less stressed and more focused on actually enjoying the various stages and the process. 

2. Your child will have company.

If you have just one child, who will be there for him/her to share life with? Kids need company, and if you want to ensure that your child always has a buddy for each and every moment in life, having a second child is the best possible way to do that. 

3. More kids mean a greater ROI (return on investment).

When you have one child, you put a lot of time, money, and effort into raising that child and ensuring that they are comfortable and happy throughout life. You will still put time, money, and effort into more than one child, but you will get more out of the experience. You will get to watch more than one person grow and prosper in your care, and when you get older, you have double the opportunity to be well taken of and cared for. 

4. You get to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

The kids that you have may or may not be major influencers in life in the future. Perhaps one of your children will make a phenomenal breakthrough in life or bring about major positive change.

5. Siblings are potential best friends for life.

Some kids struggle to make friends in school and life. That’s not to say that it will happen to your child, but it could happen. You can quite effectively eliminate the risk of your child being lonely by having more children. Having best friends is easy when you have siblings of a similar age to you. As young kids and teens, kids might not get along as you had hoped, but as they get older, their differences will generally become less of an issue, and you will take pride and joy in just how close and supportive they become. 

6. Your child will learn acceptable social skills.

Sometimes, going to school is simply not enough to teach your child how to behave in a socially acceptable manner. By exposing your child to other children of a similar age, your child will learn to share toys and items, contribute to others’ wellbeing, and breakthrough possible selfish behaviors. 

7. Having siblings teaches kids responsibility.

When children have siblings, they learn to be responsible. Children in the same family tend to look out for each other and ensure that they have each other’s backs. Older kids will look after the younger kids. This is a great way for children to learn and practice responsibility for themselves and others. 

8. You get to live a full, healthy, and busy life.

Imagine how much more time you would waste away in front of the television or overindulge in alcohol if you didn’t have kids to care for, entertain, and spend quality time with. While that might seem like a tempting reprieve for busy parents, it’s a type of freedom that would quickly run out of allure if it were to be a reality. Whether it’s one or many, a child adds a type of zest to life that can simply not be mimicked in a childless life.

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9. Children learn a sense of community when they have siblings.

Children with siblings might get a better sense of how society and communities work. They have to work together to get chores done, take care of each other, and share common family goals. These life skills can be used in other areas of life when trying to fit into a community when they are older.

10. You and your partner always have a joint project to work on.

As couples progress together in life, common projects and goals keep them close and focused on their relationship and family unit. Having more than one kid provides a great opportunity for parent couples to join forces and work on creating the family of their dreams together. It can really be a bonding and relationship developing experience. 

11. Many hands make light work.

You have probably heard the phrase or saying “many hands make light work” before. It’s true…when you have more kids, there are a few extra hands around the house to help with chores and keeping the home. The older kids are great at lending a helping hand with the younger kids and can actually teach them a lot about pulling their weight and playing their part in the family. 

12. Family nights are fun and exciting.

When there’s a bunch of kids all getting in on the latest board game or watching movies, it could be far more fun than trying to entertain just one child. As it turns out, when kids are together, they find it far easier to entertain themselves or become excited about things like “family games night”. If you want festive gatherings every time, have a few kids. Your home will never be silent and calm again. 

13. You get to pass on your special skills and talents to someone else.

Have you ever felt the desire to teach someone how to write poetry just like you? Perhaps you have a love of painting, photography, gardening, or something else that you would like to pass on. The more children you have, the greater chance you have of having a shared passion or interest with one, some, or all of them. 

14. Your family name/line gets to live on. 

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Couples that avoid having children lose out on carrying on their family line. The more children you happen to have, the longer your family name will survive. This isn’t important to everyone in this day and age. But, if carrying on the family name is important to you and your family, having more kids is one way of doing that. Of course, your heart should be in expanding the family too. 

15. Kids add real value to life. 

Do you feel that your life’s value potential has already been reached? Or is there room for improvement? There’s no denying that children add real value to life. Having children provides a whole new perspective and gives new meaning to the simple things in life. 

Last Word

In a world where the focus seems to be on the rat race, take some time out to reflect on just how much value having more children can bring to your life. Who says you should stop at one? If you have the desire and also want to enjoy the abovementioned benefits, aim for another child – what’s there to regret?!

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