20 Reasons Why Waking Up Early Is Worth It (Benefits & Advantages)

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Morning of a new day

If you’re not a natural early riser, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Is it really all that beneficial to get up before the sun has shone its first few rays?

Many people swear by waking up early, and I have often wondered if it is worth it. Before I became an early riser myself, I doubted the various claims people made about waking up early. Now that I know better, I get up early every morning, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Want to know why? 

When it comes to getting up early, it really sets the scene for a positive and productive day. Below are just 20 of the ways in which I personally benefit from waking up early. Yip, waking up early is the way to go if you want to get things done and feel good about yourself and the day. If you aren’t already waking up early every morning, here are several good reasons why you should be.

20 reasons why waking up early is worth it:

1. Waking up early will level up your self-esteem. 

When you wake up early, you get the opportunity to feel organized, prepared, and ready for the day. That does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. If you can get up early in the morning and get going, chances are that you will trust yourself to excel in other areas of your day and life too. 

2. When you wake up early, you can organize your day better.

Have you ever rushed off to work and forgotten your laptop, important documents, or even your mobile phone? When you wake up in the nick of time for work, chances are that you will rush around, leaving room for mistakes. When you wake up early, there is no need to rush. You can organize your things and prepare for the day at a calm pace and won’t find yourself forgetting half as many things. 

3. You will give your body and brain time to wake up and be alert.

Before I got into the habit of waking up early, I would stumble out of bed feeling groggy, quickly freshen up and run out the door. I would still be in a dream state in traffic, and when I started work, it would feel as if the world was rushing around me. Now that I have learned that waking up early gives me time to fully wake up and be alert; I will never go back.

4. Beat tiredness and lethargy.

Did you know that oversleeping can actually lead you to feel more tired and lethargic during the day? Once you wake up, you should get up. Lazing around will only make you feel like lazing around more! When waking up early and starting your day gets both your body and brain active quickly, this pushes tiredness and lethargy aside. The trick is to get up and get busy.

5. You will develop a positive can-do attitude.

When you get into the habit of getting up early, you will feel like you can take on the world. If you can get up and out of bed early in the morning, is there anything that you can’t do? I don’t think so!

6. You can miss rush hour traffic.

Waking up early comes with a big perk…the perk of being able to leave the house a little earlier and get ahead of that peak morning traffic. If you aren’t stuck in traffic, you will get to work on time and you won’t have to deal with that stuck-in-traffic frustration. 

7. Your motivation levels will soar.

There’s something energizing about waking up early and getting started on everything that needs to be done while everyone is still asleep. There’s a concept that states the more motivated and energized you behave, the more that feeling will become true. Motivated behavior leads to increased motivation levels.

8. Enjoy more family time before school/work.

So many families complain about not having quality time together. After work, everyone is tired and keen to relax and get to bed. When you wake up a little earlier, there is time for a cup of tea or coffee with your partner or to have a chat and some breakfast with the kids. 

9. You can fit your exercise routine in.

runner woman early morning sunrise

I often used to wonder where the average person found the time to exercise, work, and socialize. When I started waking up early, I realized that there are an extra 2 or 3 hours available to do a bit of exercise and practice self-care.

10. You will be less likely to fall victim to depression. 

One of the ways to work through depression is to have a routine that provides an individual with a sense of purpose. If you get into the habit of getting up early and methodically working through the things that you need to do, you will find that depression symptoms are easier to keep at bay.

11. You will strike more things off your to-do list.

We all have a long list of things that we never get around to doing. By adding just an extra hour to each day, imagine how much more you can get done. You could read a chapter of your new book, finish assignments, pay the bills, answer pressing emails – the list goes on. 

12. There will be time to write a to-do list or meditate.

Meditating or writing a to-do list at the start of each day is a great way to get into the right mindset of getting things done and being on top of things. There are many meditation apps that provide sessions of 10 minutes or longer. Try them out. You will be surprised at just how much more positive your days can be. 

13. You will have time to make a healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Do you usually wolf down a bowl of instant sugar-packed cereal and then run out of the door? If you have a bit of extra time, you can make a healthy smoothie, eat some fiber-rich toast, and get some fruit into you. Eating a healthy diet is a big part of self-care, which is vitally important. 

14. Your mood will generally be more upbeat.

As it turns out, people who get up early, watch the news, have conversations with the people they love…all before work or school…they happen to be more upbeat people. Who knew that all you had to do to be more upbeat throughout the day was to get up a little earlier than normal. 

15. You will feel more “put together”.

When you have time to carefully select your outfit, have a shower, and do some grooming in the morning, you will feel more put together, and that translates to more confidence and oomph for the day. 

16. Enjoy better and healthier sleep patterns. 

As it turns out, as you get older, you need less sleep. If you set a decent bedtime and wake up time and stick to it each day, your body will slip into that familiar pattern. When your body and brain know what the pattern is, you can expect to sleep better and have sleep patterns that are both reliable and healthy. 

17. You’ll develop a more productive work style.

Waking up early is something that requires discipline. When you become disciplined about how you start your day, you typically end up more productive. Want to get more done at work? Get up a little earlier. 

18. You can use the time to check in with family and loved ones.

Lost touch with a family member? Not feeling as close as usual to the kids? You can plan morning “catch-up times”, once or twice a week with your partner and the kids. Make it an early start for everyone so that all can check in with each other. It’s a healthy way for a family to keep in touch with each other, despite busy lifestyles.  

Father and son are smiling while having a breakfast in kitchen

19. You can be a good example to your kids/partner.

If you have that “get up and go” attitude and are consistent about it, you might just inspire your partner and the rest of the family to do likewise. A family that is up and “at ‘em” together is a family that’s strong, healthy, and productive. 

20. You can make your bed and tidy the house a bit before you leave for the day.

Getting the house in a decent state before you leave for work is a great idea. If you return home to a sink full of dishes, laundry on the floor, and your bed unmade, chances are that you will feel even more tired and bedraggled. If you want to feel positive about your days and have something to look forward to, get up a little bit earlier so that you can wash the dishes, make your bed, and do a bit of general house tidying before you leave for the day. 

Last Word

These are only 20 of the many reasons why you should get up early in the mornings. It’s well worth it – find out for yourself!

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