15 Reasons Why Spirituality Is Important in Modern Life

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Modern living can start to feel like a disconnected rat race. We all have so much to do and so little free time to just “be”. It can start to feel like life simply slips us by, and before we know it, we have missed out on the true essence and meaning of life. This is where spirituality comes in. 

Many people use spirituality as a way to stay connected to who they really are and what is important in this world/life. Spirituality is important when trying to keep up with a modern lifestyle. It can do a lot for our emotional and mental well-being. If you are looking for a sense of calm stability and want to be able to view the world around you with less judgment and more acceptance; spirituality is a way to get you there.

Let’s take a look at several ways in which spirituality can add value to modern life.

15 reasons why spirituality is important in modern life:

1. Spirituality promotes personal growth and development.

As a person, spirituality makes us take a deeper look at ourselves instead of focusing so much on the faults and issues of others. When we start to look deeper into our own lives, there’s opportunity to grow and develop as a person. Being spiritual, whether through meditation, praise and worship, or simple community, can really spur on personal growth.

2. Spirituality can develop a better quality of life.

Most spiritual traditions require people to participate in a community of some sort. It could be a prayer group, a meditation group, a church service, a yoga session, or similar. Regardless of what it is, there’s an element of community that can promote a better quality of life as one of the primary needs a human has is the need to fit in or have a ‘tribe’.

3. You never feel truly alone or in despair.

With the ability to be spiritual, if and when required, no one has to feel alone. Feeling stressed and abandoned, do a meditation, say a prayer, or do whatever it is your spiritual path choice recommends. You won’t be alone or in despair for very long, so long as you have your spirituality to hang on to. 

4. It’s a great remedy for depression.

Studies have shown that those who hold spirituality or religion as important often have a lower risk of major depression. Spirituality can give people focus and purpose, which can be great for mental and emotional health. 

5. Spirituality leads to mindfulness, which in turn leads to better choices.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the current moment. It means that you think about something before you act. Being spiritual puts a person in a mindful headspace, which means that you can give elements of your life and scenarios conscious thought before jumping to rash conclusions and acting. When someone is mindful, they can make better choices for their life. 

6. It helps us set personal boundaries.

When we start to practice some form of spirituality, it puts things into perspective. We become more aware of what is important to us and what no longer serves us. This can be great in terms of setting personal boundaries, as you can cut out toxic people and situations from your life based on your spiritual outlook. 

7. You may just live a little longer.

person sitting outdoor at park and practicing yoga or meditation

According to a study from Ohio State University, people who are religious or spiritual are likely to live longer lives. Having a sense of purpose and belonging can actually lengthen your life span! 

8. Spirituality is a great stress reliever.

Being spiritual requires you to let go of everything else and apply yourself to the now. It requires a quiet mind, focus, dedication, and calmness. All of these elements are precisely what is required to alleviate stress. If you want to bust high-stress levels, being spiritual may help. 

9. It brings people together.

What does spirituality do for people in terms of “togetherness”? Some people find that going to church is their form of spirituality, while others prefer to meditate in a yoga group. Regardless, many types of spirituality bring people together to help them to become better versions of themselves and to encourage support of each other. 

10. Helps diminish anxiety.

Anxiety can be debilitating if you don’t know how to deal with it. Anxious feelings can send a person into the hospital, thinking that they might have a heart attack! Most spirituality is calm, quiet, and focused. This is precisely how to quell anxiety. Be calm, quiet the mind, and focus on breathing. As it turns out, practicing spirituality can be great for those who suffer anxiety

11. Spirituality can help patients beat diseases.

An article published in the National Cancer Institute (from the US) states that patients who are spiritual or religious tend to have better physical health and cope better with the effects of cancer (as well as its treatment). This alone can be what makes someone more likely to overcome the disease than someone else. 

12. Provides a sense of hope and optimism.

What type of person are you? Do you feel hopeful and optimistic, or do you find yourself wallowing in negativity? People who feel a sense of hopelessness or pessimism often just don’t have that “something” in their lives. It’s easy to start to believe that you can find happiness in things and other people; when, in reality, true happiness comes from within. If you want to find hope and be more optimistic, spirituality is a good start. 

13. Creates a quiet, peaceful mind. 

Something many people don’t give much thought to before they become spiritual is how busy their minds are. Our minds can become chaos, if we aren’t careful. Spirituality provides a sense of inner peace and quietness. In connecting with our spiritual side, we get to cut out the noise of everyday life and escape from the negativity of the world. Therefore, for that time set aside, we can truly revel in the authenticity of a truly peaceful mind. 

14. Gives the opportunity to take time out from the rat race, to reconnect on a personal level.

Every day there are things to do- you know how it goes. As they say, “welcome to the rat race” when you enter the working world. On many levels, it is unavoidable. You have daily chores, responsibilities, and you have to make sure that the family is happy and well too. It can sometimes feel as if there is an endless to-do list in progress, and every time you strike a few things off the list, a whole string of new tasks are introduced. Spirituality provides an escape from that feeling and mindset.

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To be spiritual, one sets time aside to think of spiritual things and connect on a personal level with oneself and with others. It’s a step out of the rat race, and often that’s needed and greatly appreciated. 

15. Provides a sense of balance.

Let’s talk about having a life balance…is it important? I have found that having a balance in life is absolutely essential. Our work and home lives may seem quite manic, and so it is important to incorporate some time into your life where you can be peaceful, mindful, and calm. Spiritually provides an opportunity for that type of balance in our lives. 

All things considered

If you have been wondering if spirituality can add value to your life, the short answer is yes. Give your spirituality some thought and put some effort into investigating what your specific spiritual side is all about. You might find that by being spiritual, your life becomes more meaningful, less hectic, and overall more enjoyable.

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