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If you’re starting to wonder if it’s any use having a younger sibling, perhaps you just need your memory jolted as to just how awesome it can be. I bet many older siblings believe that it’s quite beneficial to have a younger sibling in their lives. Having a younger sibling is like being given the greatest gift of a best friend for life. If you nurture a good relationship, there is every reason to believe that your relationship will bring great value to your life. 

Being an older sibling comes with a few responsibilities. You must protect your younger sibling and provide a good example. But what can you expect from your younger sibling? How will they bring benefits into your life? Let’s take a look at several benefits that come to mind.

How having a younger sibling can be beneficial – 18 ways:

1. They get your parent’s attention so you can relax. 

Having a younger sibling is most convenient when you don’t want to be bothered by all the scrutiny and questions from your parents. Simply re-route their attention onto your sibling, and voila! You’re free!

2. Company at home is always readily available.

Sometimes you just want a little bit of company without having to go out or invite friends over. Just want someone to watch a movie with or participate in a quick game of basketball? Siblings, especially younger ones, are quite easy to get involved. They want your company, so make the most of it. 

3. They actually want your attention, which makes you feel great.

It can really feel good when someone truly wants you to give them attention. Most younger siblings are almost desperate for the attention of their older brothers and sisters, who they typically admire and hold in high esteem. Doesn’t it just feel wonderful?

4. They’re fun to tease (great entertainment value).

When you know someone as well as a sibling, you can push their buttons with precision. It’s a great deal of fun teasing someone, and younger siblings make for the best targets. Go easy on them, though – remember they are younger! 

5. You get to embarrass them in front of their friends.

Isn’t it great being older and no longer caring about what everyone thinks? You can get a great deal more entertainment value by embarrassing your kid brother or sister in front of their friends. Of course, you should play fair. Don’t be unkind. 

6. They help keep you current and in the know.

It is an unfortunate fact that as we get older, we start to lose track of what is cool and trendy. It becomes the knowledge of those younger than us. If you have a younger sibling, they can keep you up to date with the latest trends and fashion. Now you don’t have to age before your time. 

7. You have someone to pass your wisdom on to.

Over the years, you have gathered some great life knowledge and wisdom. And who better to pass it along to than a doting younger sibling. Being able to help someone with life advice is also good for you – it’s a great confidence booster. 

8. They are always keen to do stuff for you.

You know how it’s hard to get other people on board with making you a sandwich, passing the remote, or helping choose an outfit? Well, this is where younger siblings shine. If you play your cards right and they really enjoy you, chances are you will have someone willing to do something for you all the time. 

9. You have a best friend and cheerleader for life.

As life drags on, so best friendships dwindle and change. Having someone to be a best friend is something you will really enjoy as you get older. A younger sibling makes for a great best friend. They know nearly everything there is to know about you, they understand you, and they are always supportive of you. What more could you want from a best friend candidate?

10. They take the pressure off you at the dinner table. 

You know those long family dinners that seem to be filled with questions from the parents? Well, when there’s a younger sibling around, you can deflect that attention rather effectively. 

11. You get a front-row seat to learning about responsibility.

If your sibling is much younger than you, chances are that you will watch them grow up. You might learn about dealing with babies or how important safety is in the home. The more you are around to watch and learn as your younger sibling grows, the more responsible you will be when your turn comes to have kids. 

12. They provide no-holding-back honest feedback on your partners.

Friends will probably try to spare your feelings if they meet your new partner, and they just aren’t a great match for you. Younger siblings can be quite critical and generally understand what’s a good fit for you. If you really want to know if your partner is “all that”, just ask your younger sibling for their honest opinion. 

13. There’s someone to grow old with, almost guaranteed.

If you don’t get married and have kids of your own, who are you going to spend your twilight years with? Your younger sibling! It can be quite comforting to know that there will be someone who is always by your side, even when you are very old. 

14. They make family holidays a lot more fun.

Going on a family holiday can be strained if it’s just you and the parents. Throw a younger sibling into the mix, and chances are that your parents will give you a lot more leeway and leave you in charge. You can adventure a lot more on a family holiday if you have a younger sibling to show a good time to. 

15. They naturally understand your sense of humor. 

Ever cracked a joke that absolutely nobody understood? Yup, sense of humor can be a tricky one when dealing with people who don’t truly know us. Because your younger sibling has grown up with you, they will know your sense of humor in and out. Spend your life cracking jokes and know that there will always be someone ready to laugh. 

16. They help cover for you when you mess up.

Having a younger sibling is like having an ally because they can help you out of a sticky situation by covering for you. If you stay out too late, they can quite easily give you a heads up that mom and dad are mad, or if you need someone to act as a diversion or distraction, all you have to do is ask. 

17. Their kids will eventually become great friends for your kids.

If you really enjoy big, expansive families, having a younger sibling can contribute to that. Their kids will eventually be friends with your kids, and so the family tree grows. Family gatherings will always be fun and festive. 

18. They are someone you can be completely honest with.

The stark reality is that there aren’t many people in our lives that we are truly honest with. We keep things from people to protect our feelings or keep the peace. With a younger sibling, there’s just no need to do that. You should be able to be completely honest and know that they will keep all of your secrets. That’s what siblings do. 

In closing

Whether you are still living at home or have already left the nest, there’s no denying that younger siblings can be rather beneficial. Hopefully, you have realized the true value of having a younger sibling and start putting in the time and effort to nurture a good relationship with them. Consider the above pointers, take them to heart and view your younger sibling through new eyes.

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