20 True Advantages/Benefits of Shift Work (Flexibility, Time,…) 

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If you’ve just landed a job that includes shift work, you’re probably already cringing at the prospect. Most people working in health care, public safety, hospitality, retail, customer services, and food and beverage industries have to agree to shift work. And if you have a passion for the job, you don’t have much choice, do you? Shift work gets a bad rap a lot of the time, but what if you’re just not considering all the benefits and advantages that come along with it? 

As a shift worker, you can expect to have a lot more time available within the day than a regular 9 to 5 worker has. Before you can decide if you have what it takes to handle shift work, take a look at each of the below-mentioned advantages. Read on…

20 ways working shifts can be beneficial to your life: 

1. Flexibility with daily schedules.

Most people working 9 to 5 jobs don’t have the time to do chores and activities that they need to or would like to, because they are always at work. With shift work, your daily schedule will be somewhat flexible. If you work the night shift, you will have the daytime to do tasks. If you start a shift halfway through the day, you have the morning free. Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of shift work. 

2. Fewer “stuck in peak traffic” experiences.

Working 9 to 5 means that you head to work at around about the same time as thousands (actually millions) of other people… and that means traffic jams! People working regular hours often get stuck in peak traffic, and it can be quite stressful, not to mention frustrating. 

3. Convenience to do the things you need to do.

The nature of shift work is that it can be manipulated around your needs. If you have a shift booked but need to be somewhere that day, you can look into switching shifts with someone else. That’s just how convenient shift work is. 

4. Get to spend quality time with loved ones.

How many sports games, dance rehearsals, and special occasions do you miss with the kids and loved ones because you have to be at work from 9 to 5 and have to spend a considerable amount of time commuting before and after too? With shift work, there’s more time to fit in quality time with family.

5. The more shifts you work, the more you’ll earn.

If you are having a rough time financially, you can pick up a few extra shifts to earn a little extra. In a regular 9 to 5 job, that’s not often a possibility. 

6. Choice of a varied work pace.

The beauty of shift work is that it can be a varied work pace depending on which shift you get. If you’re having a down week and don’t want much human interaction, you can try to switch your shifts for the graveyard shift, and if you’re in the mood to chat and see people, you can try to change your shifts to peak hours. 

7. There’s time to look into sideline businesses/work.

If you work a full day job and have ambitions of owning your own business or starting up something, chances are that there simply won’t be time to do all of the research and footwork that you need to do to get it all up and running. With shift work, you can spare several hours to work on your own entrepreneurial ideas.

8. Increased productivity.

As it turns out, people who work shifts have the element of more free time and freedom, which can help them be more productive during work hours. 

9. Save on childcare costs.

If you work shifts, you can orchestrate your chosen shifts around the family schedule so that either you or your partner is always available to care for the kids. Childcare can cost a lot, and this could be a great way to save. 

10. Decreased commute stress and anxiety.

Commuting to work every morning and evening is jam-packed with noise, bustling people, pollution, and a general feeling of stress and anxiety. Shift work hours are typical irregular which means that you can head to work and home out of peak hours. Less stress and anxiety – score!

11. More time for fitness and self-care.

When you have to be in the office strictly at 9 am and be there until 5 pm, you might find it hard to squeeze in time for exercise, relaxation, and self-care. When you work shifts, you might find yourself with a bit of extra time to do all of those things. 

12. Opportunity for financial incentive. 

Shift workers are provided with financial incentives to work certain shifts. For example, people who work the graveyard shift might be paid a few extra dollars. 

13. More autonomy on certain shifts.

When you work on shift work, there’s more opportunity to take the initiative and make autonomous decisions. For instance, you won’t have to check with the managers and supervisors on every function. This can provide a bit of freedom in the workplace. 

14. Opportunity to keep busy and save money.

If you are looking for a way to keep busy and to save money at the same time, getting a job with shift work is a great way to do that. The more shifts you work (and the more “anti-social” shifts you work), the more money you can make and save. 

15. More time to learn a new skill or broaden your career horizons.

When working shifts, there’s an opportunity to learn a new skill while on the job. You could also find time when you aren’t on shift to learn how to do other functions in the workplace, which will certainly extend your career prospects. 

16. You get to “pass the buck” without any guilt.

When you work on shifts, you get to pass the workload and any issues that come along with it onto the next shift. The best thing is that you get to do this absolutely guilt-free, as that’s just the way shift work works. 

17. Be available for your deliveries, every time.

Have you ever ordered your groceries or goodies online and then missed the delivery because you have to be at work? Tired of asking your neighbor to take your deliveries for you? Well, when you work shifts, you can ensure that you are home for your deliveries without having to miss work. 

18. Potential to work fewer days to earn your salary.

If you want to earn your required monthly salary quickly, you can double up on shifts. You can’t do that with a typical 9 to 5 job. 

19. You can study in your spare time. 

Spare time isn’t something that a lot of people claim to have when they work a regular 9 am to 5 pm job, but when it comes to shift work, you might find yourself with a few extra hours to dedicate to studying

20. More room for growth in the workplace. 

If you are looking to grow in your current position, you can use your shift work to give off a good impression. Put in the extra hours, ask for more responsibility, and make it clear that you want to progress from shifts to something more full-time. 

Last word

As you can see, shift work isn’t all that bad. In fact, if you have a passion for the industry you are in, you might actually find shift work quite convenient. Before you turn down a job just because it’s shift work-based, consider these potential advantages and then decide.

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